Stecon PU Chappals


Stecon Polymers Private Limited is a promising business in Malappuram, Kerala promoted and managed by Mr. Thoombath Mohamed Basheer, Shahul Hameed, Abdulsalam Pathoor and Faisal Muneer Thayyil. The promoters are proprietors of successful business in Malappuram district, dealing in footwear related business for more than 25 years. Behind every successful business lies the vision of innovative entrepreneur. The birth of Stecon Polymers Private Limited is the result of the vision of the Directors. Stecon derives its name from the term STUCK ON, which is the latest technology available in footwear manufacturing industry. Amongst the promoters Mr. Thoombath Mohamed Basheer is the Managing Director of the organization, who has more than twenty years experience in running businesses and he is also a social worker. Mean while he have partnership business with Mr. Abdulsalam Pathoor and Mr. Faisal Muneer Thayyil dealing in leather wholesale at kottakkal, where as Mr. Shahul Hameed has footwear retail shop namely parammal footwear at malappuram. Altogether Stecon Polymers Pvt Ltd is a collaborative firm formed by well experienced growing business magnets.


  • Concentrate on the satisfaction of consumers by providing better quality of product.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.
  • Combine all of the best high-quality footwear for people who care about their foot health.
  • Encourages innovation and employees growth.
  • Maintain good employee - employer relationship.
  • Offers best price in market than other manufacturers.
  • Create brand quality.
  • Improves performance of the company and thereby add value to the stakeholders.


To be the most admired footwear manufacturer in the country, by delighting customers. To be the industry benchmark - in terms of customer satisfaction, business processes and performance results, thereby adding value and prosperity to all our stakeholders.


STECON POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED is the one of the leading manufacturer of PU footwear in north Kerala. Stecon Polymers Private Limited established on 2013 with its first sale on February 6, 2014. Directors of the company have their other sister concerned a company who are wholesalers of footwear raw materials and plays a major role in the market for last 2 years. This is an added advantage for the company since it avails an easy access to these footwear components in the market which helps them to develop new diverse models and run their daily operational activities.

The company opted PU technology in production to produce wide range of trendy models in every categories of customers with caring that to suit in different changing climates, without compromising the style, quality and durability of the product. The factory and office premises located at MLA road vengara, Malappuram district Kerala.

The company incorporated on 5th July 2013. STECON POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED has six departments namely Purchase, Production, Quality control, Packing, Marketing and Administration and Accounts. Each department has got its own managers to control them. It consists of 55 staffs in total. The working hours of Stecon Polymers Private Limited are from 9 am to 6 pm. Stecon Polymers Private Limited has an annual turnover of Rs 400 lack in a year. Stecon Polymers Private Limited has a market share of 40% in footwear sales of Malappuram. The main financiers of Stecon Polymers Private Limited are PNB nad HDFC Bank. It was the mission of the management and the relentless efforts put in by the committed employees that enable the organization to distinguish itself in the region. Stecon Polymers Private Limited has a very reputed track record of sales to their customers. Stecon offers best price in market than other manufacturers and a well maintained reputation in customer satisfaction. Stecon Polymers Private Limited provides all the credit facilities if the customer is not able to afford the market price. Stecon mainly concentrate on the satisfaction of consumers by providing better quality of product.


The firm is having a total area of 3000 sq.ft. Plush infrastructure provides the employees with the "3S", which is an exclusive feature of Stecon Polymers Private Limited. It is having a fabulous and systematically organized factory 3000 sq.ft. The internationally competing standardized machinery facility produces highly quality products.Stecon have realized that in fashion footwear to stay ahead in terms of competitiveness, one of the most important factor is TIME. We have built in-house capacity in all areas of chappal making processes of the product to reduce lead times considerably. With a total of two lasting mechanized conveyers, we have a total capacity of 1000 pairs/day. All the assembly lines have been customized in Kerala with upgraded state of the art machines in the world to ensure a world class product. The assembly line manufacturing process ensures us consistency that our branded customer is looking for. All the production and engineering is done in house leading to enhanced quality control, reduced lead times and making it cost competitive.